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Zip Miniboil

Super-compact economy filtered boiling and filtered cold drinking water for the home




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Miniboil Classic Or Elite?

Zip HydroTap Miniboil Classic Or Elite

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Zip HydroTap Miniboil Classic And Elite

Technical Features

Power-Pulse Energy saving technology reduces power consumption by allowing the sytem to electronically regulate its power during high and low usage periods.This saves energy whilst maintaining the tightest possible temperature control.

Inactivity sleep mode The boiling system can be pre-set to power down after two hours of non-use, but will still retain stored ‘boiling’ water at an energysaving 64ºC. Quickly recovers to pre-set boiling temperature when re-used.

Installation Requirements

Location: The Zip Miniboil tap may be installed at a sink, or away from the sink on a Zip Miniboil ‘font’ accessory which can be drained to waste.
Requires a 35mm hole for tap installation.

Plumbing: Should be installed by a competent person in accordance with the fitting instructions supplied and UK Water Regulations.
Water supply must be potable (drinkable), with a minimum pressure of 0.7 bar.
The pressure limiting valve supplied with the unit should be fitted as shown on the installation diagram.
The under sink system must be located within one metre of the tap. Under sink connection tubing to the tap must be taut for proper drainage and never be looped or coiled.
An isolating valve (not supplied) should be installed between the water supply and the under sink system.

Electrical: Should be installed by a competent person, in accordance with the fitting instructions supplied and UK Electrical Regulations. The system should be connected to a convenient 13A plug or fused spur. Power supply 220V to 240V AC 50/60 Hz.

Clearances: The under-sink system must be installed with clearances of 50mm left and right, 200mm above and 65mm rear.

Filtration: Supplied with external triple action submicron filter to ensure crystal clear, great tasting, healthier water.
In hard water areas we recommend the use of the Zip Professional FL1100 scalefiltration system.

Warranty: 12 months on site parts and labour warranty. For full warranty details please visit
Miniboil is specifically designed for use in domestic environments. Use of the product in commercial applications may invalidate the warranty.

Zip HydroTap Miniboil Installation Instructions

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