Zip HydroTap Industrial Side And Top Touch Models

Zip HydroTap Industrial

New heavy-duty designs for industrial canteens and institutions


Offers all of the advantages of a standard HydroTap plus these additional benefits.


Top Touch Models

Side-Touch models

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Zips Industrial Range Of Hydrotaps And Filtration

Zip Hydrotap Industrial IT160/175G4 Zip Hydrotap Industrial IT240/175G4 Zip Hydrotap Industrial IS160/175G4 Zip Hydrotap Industrial IS240/175G4
Zip Hydrotap FL2300KIT Zip Hydrotap FL3600KIT Zip Hydrotap FL6000KIT Zip FL2300 Replacement Filter
Zip FL3600 Replacement Filter Zip FL6000 Replacement Filter

Boiling System

Open outlet, vented system designed to operate at 98˚C

Chilling System

Fan-cooled condenser type , chilling from 5-10°C. Refrigerant: R134A

A choice of two programmable energy saving modes

Integral 24 hour 7 day timer enables the boiling and chilled water units to switch off automatically during known periods of inactivity e.g. overnight or weekends, but return to full functionality ahead of the next expected demand.

Inactivity Sleep Mode enables the boiling water unit to power down or switch off after 2 hours of non-use. Powering down allows the water temperature to gradually reduce to 65°C, at which it is maintained. Upon further draw off boiling resumes.

Undersink system

White corrosion resistant enamelled steel case with front access door and control panel


Location: Should be installed either on a suitable sink or on a Zip Tap Font. If installing on a sink, the tap should be mounted so that it will dispense into the sink.

The under-sink unit should be located, if possible, directly beneath the tap and not more than 1 metre away. It must be installed with clearances of 50mm to the left and right and 65mm at rear.

Plumbing: The water supply must be potable (drinkable). If static pressure exceeds 7 bar, a pressure reducing valve needs to be fitted. An isolating valve should be installed between the supply and the unit.

Venting: A vent in the HydroTap may discharge small amounts of water or steam, so tap must be mounted where it can drain.

Ventilation-IMPORTANT: It is essential that the cupboard containing the undersink unit is adequately ventilated as poor air circulation will adversely affect the performance of the HydroTap. Cupboard doors must be offset all round using the 4mm buffers provided and the supplied vent fitted.
If it is not possible to fit the vent in the cupboard door then consideration should be given to installing it in the side wall of the cupboard to dissipate heat to adjoining areas. Where limited ventilation is available it is strongly recommended that the optional auxiliary fan, ref: SP90651, is used. Supplied as standard on BC200/175+IT and BC200/175+IS.

Electrical: To be wired to a double pole fused spur, minimum break capacity of 13 amps. Installation must comply with current IEE regulations.

Caution: In some hard water areas where mineral scale accumulation may be an issue, consideration should be given to the maintenance required. We recommend the use of Zip Scale Filtration System.

Warranty: 1 year on-site parts and labour. For full details visit

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