Zip HydroTap Residential Model: DOMBCS4 - Boiling, Chilled And Sparkling Filtered Water Instantly

Zip HydroTap DOMBCS4

With new Zip G4 power-saving technology and Zip 0.2 micron filtration.

Boiling and chilled filtered water instantly, plus “sparkling” chilled filtered water instantly at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Saving energy

User Safety

Healthier drinking

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Zip HydroTap G4 Residential Boiling Filtered Water Avaliable In Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gloss Black And Matt Black

Zip HydroTap DOMBCS4 Chrome Zip HydroTap DOMBCS4S Satin Chrome Zip HydroTap DOMBCS4B Gloss Black Zip HydroTap DOMBCS4M Matt Black
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Typical specification

Under-sink boiling and chilled and sparkling filtered water appliance equipped with two way lever action electronic tap head. Integral 5 bar pressure limiting and Dual Check valve, NSF certified 0.2 micron filter, air cooled refrigeration system with cleanable lint filter. Full colour interactive touch screen display with pin code protection, 2 boiling water safety modes, 3 energy saving modes including a sensor activated “sleep when its dark” feature. Upgradable boiling water capacity with additional “Booster” module and the ability to adapt to provide approx. 55°C hot water for sanitary use to a secondary outlet with additional “Vented Mixer” kit.

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Five Year Warranty

Appliance warranty 24 months, plus additional 36 months boiling tank warranty.


Boiling System: Open outlet, vented system, factory set to operate at 98°C.
Flow rate 4.0 l/min.

Chilling System: Fan-cooled condenser type, factory set to operate at 5-9°C.
Chilled flow rate 4.0 l/min.
Sparkling flow rate 1.8 I/min.
Refrigerant R134a.

Location: Tap should be positioned so it drains into a suitable sink. Alternatively tap can be installed away from any sink on it own ‘font’. Tap should be situated as closely as possible to directly above the under-sink Command Centre.
Maximum distance from the base of the tap to the Command Centre is one metre. Command Centre must have clearances as shown on the drawings.
Ventilation accessories (supplied) must be installed as per instructions.

Plumbing: Must be installed In accordance with UK Water Supply Regulations.
Designed for direct connection to a potable (drinkable) cold water supply with a minimum pressure of 0.7 bar (1.7 bar if fitted with booster unit or scale filtration and 2.0 bar with ‘Vented Mixer” kit). A 5 bar pressure limiting valve is fitted internally.
An isolating valve should be installed between the water supply and the Command Centre.

Electrical: Installation must comply with current lEE regulations.
To be wired to a double pole 13 amp fused spur.
ZT011 Booster requires a separate fused spur.

Limescale Prevention - IMPORTANT: In hard water areas where mineral scale accumulation may be an issue, consideration should be given to the maintenance required.
We recommend use of the Zip Professional high performance Limescale Filtration System.

Carbon Dioxide: The disposable CO2 gas cylinder (supplied) must be secured in an upright position in a ventilated area not less than 38 cubic metres. Each cylinder contains 1kg of CO2.


Zip Residential HydroTap DOMBC4 Specification

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