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Here at Hitchin Plumbing Supplies, we are the largest authorised UK reseller of the Zip HydroTap. We work very closely with Zip to make sure that we know what we are talking about when it comes to their products and can provide the end user with the best advice and more importantly the best price.

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The Zip HydroTap Is So Simple

No waiting for water to boil. No more bottled water to buy. The Zip HydroTap makes life so simple.

Great For Domestic and Commercial Use

The Zip HydroTap has an impressive flow rate and is able to dispense up to 150 cups of boling water per hour. Perfect tasting hot drinks are made in an instant without waiting for a kettle to boil saving downtime in the office and making life easier in the home.

Triple Filtration System

An inbuilt triple-action filter:

We recommend the Zips optional Limescale Filtration System for hard water areas.

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